I grew up in Salinas, California, down the road from a chocolate factory surrounded by lettuce fields. My dad was a mechanic who loved to race cars and my mom worked at a pet shop. Growing up I spent a lot of time at Laguna Seca Raceway timing my dad as he circled the track and I also spent hours playing with the animals in the pet shop, that is when I wasn't at my grandparent's house by the sea in Pacific Grove or at the Steinbeck Library.

*WARNING - you are about to read a section that is old news. Want the current scoop? Go to my webpage: https://heatherayrisburnell.com/about/
These days I live miles up a bumpy dirt road on a secluded mountaintop in Washington State with my husband and our three children. Our house runs on solar power. We keep sheep, bees, and grow organic seed garlic. I still go to the library a lot. I’m an Assistant Librarian at North Central Regional Library where I mostly hang out in the children’s section. Yes, I am working. It just feels like hanging out!

I like to write. A lot. I also love doing critiques as well assisting people and businesses with writing and social media. I do a lot of different things, but they are all things I like. And I am certainly never bored!

Some Other Things I Like:

rollerskating (if I lived where there was pavement I would rollerskate everywhere!)


shelving books at the library

cross country skiing (I can ski right out my front door in the winter)

towering stacks of picture books (and other types of books too!)

writers (writers are really cool!)

dark chocolate (it goes good with raspberries)

mud (yes, I said mud)


not washing dishes

The view out my kitchen window--where I like to write.