Picture Book Query Letter Workshop

If you find query letter writing to be difficult, you are not alone! Many people do, even going so far as to call it the "dreaded query letter". While writing a query letter can be challenging, frustrating, and even intimidating at times, I am certain that if you can write a submission ready picture book, you can write the letter you need to go along with it for submission.

I actually love writing query letters. Writing them is like solving a puzzle. Changing and moving the words around trying to find the best combination to pitch a manuscript can be a fun challenge. It's something I can, and have, spent countless hours doing. My queries have garnered numerous requests and personal replies on a variety of manuscripts from both agents and publishers. I have also helped dozens of writers create and revise their queries. The best part is when they realize that it's not as hard as it seems and they too can have the skills to write a good query.

If you are having trouble writing the query letter for your picture book manuscript, are not sure where to begin, or want to learn how to put your manuscript and yourself in the best light when submitting, I have created a workshop just for you!

The Picture Book Query Letter Workshop is an online course that will teach you how to create that all important query letter. I've designed the lessons to guide you through writing your query letter step by step. You will work through the steps at your own pace to create a submittable query letter for your picture book that you can send to agents and publishers. I will show you ways to shape your query letter to make it the best, most catchy introduction to your work. Along the way you are welcome to ask questions whenever you have them. Upon completion of your query I will do a full critique to help you polish it even more.

In addition to writing your standard query letter "template" that is ready to personalize for each submission, you will also learn how to flip your letter when you have specific information you want to lead with, and when and how to decide what is best. Additional lessons on format, research, and more will help you create a professional submission package. You will come away from the workshop not only with a completed query letter, but with the skills to write your future queries as well.

Class details:
  • Participants should have a completed picture book manuscript that they are ready to write a query letter for
  • Workshop is self-paced. You work through the lessons and move on as you are ready. This means that you can potentially complete your letter quickly but are completely free to take the time you need to create a quality letter
  • You are encouraged to ask questions anytime via email, submission form, or comment box
  • To the point lessons make it so you don't have to wade through fluff and can focus on writing your query
  • Learn how to decipher submission guidelines to know if you need a cover letter or a query letter, what you should send, and how to submit it
  • Additional resources such as Research Resources, Manuscript Formatting, and Submission Tracking are included
  • Query Letter examples and templates let you see first hand how it can be done
  • The workshop is held in a private Google blog which you can sign into with any email server
Workshop start dates will be on the 5th and 20th of each month. Space is limited. Please email me to confirm your start date.

"I'm so excited I stumbled upon The Picture Book Query Letter Workshop.  It's an excellent tool that gives a "work at your own pace" guide to query writing.  I found the lessons to be extremely helpful, and abundant with great resources and examples!  The critique on my finished product was thorough and insightful, and I feel confident using it for submissions. Thank you Heather!"

- Dana Gall, Children's Book Writer

The Picture Book Query Letter Workshop cost of $75.00 includes critique, questions answered when you have them, and 8 week access to the Workshop with extension given if needed. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


  1. I have completed two books in two different genres. Am I able to apply two query letters to the workshop (picture book and romance fiction)?

    1. The course is designed specifically for picture book queries. I do think that you will be able to apply what you have learned to writing a query for any genre.