Monster List of Picture Book Agents

Monster List logo by Dana Carey.
As a picture book writer I know it can be difficult to track down which agents represent picture book authors. Not author/illustrators (how I wish I could illustrate!) but authors only. My Monster List of Picture Book Agents lists agents that represent picture book writers. Each listing provides info and links to help picture book writers find an agent.

This list is for reference only and is not an endorsement although I do my best to list quality agents. Please do your research and choose wisely as to which agents might be the best match for you! You can (usually) find good information through online searching and on places like Querytracker and the SCBWI Blueboards.

Agents are listed here alphabetically by agency. Click on the link to go to the agent's posted info. This list is a work in progress, and things can change rapidly in the publishing world so always check and follow submission guidelines on the agent's website! I will do my best to update listing with changes. If you find information that needs to be updated on any listing please feel free to contact me.

You definitely want to put your best manuscript forward when submitting your work. If you have not revised, gotten critiques, and revised some more you are not ready to submit. If you need help with your manuscript and/or query letter check out my Critique Services page.

*Please note that these listings have not been updated since their last posting date. While much of the info may still be valid please do your research and definitely check the agent's current submission guidelines.

Monster List of Picture Book Agents