Monday, November 12, 2007

Windy Day

It can be windy in the mountains. We’ve been through a lot of blowy days. But it’s never been anything like it was today. When I got up and looked outside the trampoline was blowing past the front door. It’s usually across the yard, far away from the house. I thought it would stay there, safe, pinned against the house.

It didn’t. It somehow blew over to the deck and flipped to the ground a story below, taking the railing with it. We had to actually lift the trampoline off the dangling railing and roll it out of the way. Trying to up a 20ft. round trampoline over your head is not easy. And kinda scary. The trampoline is toast. The deck is a complete danger zone.

The French doors in the living room kept blowing open. They are now boarded shut and may remain that way out of paranoia. My husband actually told me I’d better got get dressed this morning because he didn’t want me to only have my robe if something happened. He made the kids stay out of the kitchen in case the big windows broke. He’s not one to overreact—and he wasn’t.

Our canoe was blown uphill. Part of the roof came off the house. The chicken coop blew over! Now we’ve got some new house repair to do. Hopefully it won’t be too windy so we can get it done.


  1. Ooooww! That is scary! How fast was it blowing around there? I've seen some pretty good breezes coming in off the ocean. The bigger problem for us, though, is high tides, especially during the winter.

    Hope things have quieted down for you, Heather

  2. I wondered how fast it was blowing, but I have no idea. There's no weather equipment keeping track of that kind of stuff around here.

    It's funny, today was totally calm and sunny--nothing like the day before.

    High tides, especially during the winter, don't sound fun. How close to the ocean are you?

  3. I found out that the wind whipped up to 80mph in town, so it had to be at least 100mph here; we're at the top of a funnel where the wind shoots up the canyon.

    We've got the roof fixed. The deck isn't looking pretty; the chicken coop is still upside down, which is kinda funny, and me and the kids are still mourning the loss of our trampoline.