Monday, November 25, 2019

An Updated Monster List of Picture Book Agents!

Logo by Dana Carey
I've finally done something that is way past due. I have updated the Monster List of Picture Book Agents! It was fun to finally dig in and get it done. And things have definitely changed! Not only some of the agents and agencies but the way I put the list together.

I used to do a lot of research for the Monster List. I tracked down interviews and linked lists of all the different places you could go to research the listed agent. It was a lot of fun and the way I feel that a writer should do their research when considering which agents to submit their work to.

Those old posts are still up but they are no longer linked on the list. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do that research anymore. And really, if you're looking for an agent it is good for you to do it! So, I've changed the list. It is easier for me and now, because I am not doing so many links, it is a much more monstrously big list for you!

Now you will find a list of agencies with links going directly to the agency submission page. If an agency has pretty clear and easy to find submission wants I simply have that link that takes you to the agency submission page. From the agency website, you can read the agent bios to see which agents are open to picture book submissions, learn about who they represent, and find any links they have provided. Of course, I recommend doing some internet searching as well. Searching keywords such as the agent name + interview or represented by can bring up good current information. Also checking if the agent has a blog or Twitter feed you can peruse can be helpful. There is a bit more information that you'll see at the top of the page when you go there. I have a 'For Writers' page in the works on my blog here where I'll list some helpful links for research. Of course, I'll post when I have it up.

In the meantime, head on over to the Monster List of Picture Book Agents. I hope you have a good time digging into research.

Happy agent hunting!