Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Unicorn Explosion!

"In the last few years I've noticed an explosion of unicorns—" is how the New York Public Library's new list of Books for Unicorn Lovers of All Ages starts off. And it is an explosion! A happy, sparkly one if you ask me.

I am completely thrilled that Unicorn and Yeti, Sparkly New Friends is on the list where it is in fabulous company amongst a selection of books featuring unicorn characters, from picture books to middle grade novels. Of course, I've read a lot of the books listed and am adding the ones I haven't to my to be read list. I certainly love that Sparkly New Friends is on a list with so many fun unicorn books. But, as a librarian myself, I am also super excited to have a book on a list by the New York Public Library. What fun!

If you want to find more unicorn books to check out, go take a look at Books for Unicorn Lovers of All Ages by Clarissa Cook on the New York Public Library blog.