Monster List of Picture Book Publishers

Do you want to submit your work straight to publishers? There are many good reasons to do just that. After all, publishers are the ones that make books! There are a lot of picture book publishers out there, many of whom are still open to unagented submissions.

In The Monster List of Picture Book Publishers, I am linking to those publishers that are open to submissions at the time of update, some that say to check back for submission openings, and a few that have specific open submission dates. Submission guidelines can change in the blink of an eye, so please do read through guidelines thoroughly and make sure the publisher is indeed accepting submissions.

And please do your research before submitting! Be sure to peruse the publisher's website to get a feel for whether or not your manuscript might be a good fit for their publishing program, and if they are someone you might want to work with. Do an internet search to see if you can find interviews, blogs, and social media to gather more information. See if you can read their books online through your library or take a peek at them elsewhere. Write a clear, concise cover letter to go with your submission and follow submission guidelines. Then give your work a chance and send it!

The Monster List of Picture Book Publishers is for reference only. Listings are not an endorsement. Please do your research and choose wisely as to which publishers might be the best match for you and your work.

Publishers are listed alphabetically. Feedback is always welcome. If you know a good picture book publisher who is not listed or find information that needs to be updated, please contact me.

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Updated 4/18/2022