Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Launch Party Prep

So I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my book launch party. I know it's happening at the library. I know I'm going to read my book and have food and drinks. I want to have monster masks for the kids to make or maybe have a monster art show where kids make their own monsters from random art supplies and they hang them up and get a ribbon that says "monstrously good".

I, of course, have to find a place to get such ribbons. And that's where my trouble begins. I have all these ideas but I scarcely know where to start. I want some really cool monster print pajamas and a big green tail to wear to my launch party, but where do I find such things? I see some monster attire for kids, but I think I'm going to need some specialty stuff. After all, I could be touring some more libraries in these jammies! I wish I was more crafty and could sew myself some pajamas and a tail. The closest shopping mecca is hours from here and I doubt there are the kind of monstery things I need. I know--there's online, obviously. But I don't seem to be finding what I need. Guess I'd better get to work.

At least I know that I'm going to be making a monster cake. I'm certainly looking forward to that! Maybe I should go practice making one now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reading Practice

I've decided that since my book is coming out soon, I'd better practice reading to kids. I mean, I know how to read to kids, I do it every day. But reading to large groups is different. There are more eyes that need to see the pictures, more mouths asking questions, more wiggling bodies, more minds to keep entertained.

Every year I help behind the scenes with the Summer Reading Program at the library, but this year I'm stepping it up. This year I'm doing the reading. I've done two readings so far to around 40 kids and 20 adults each time. I was surprised by the volume I was able to raise my reading voice to so that everyone could hear. I did not die when I got up in front of everybody. Actually, I wasn't even nervous. Pretty good for a girl who would rather not get a dipolma than take the required public speaking class. I'm still a little befuddled on what to do when all the kids want to talk at once. And what to do when the parents are louder than the kids, making it hard to hear the story. But, I'll get the hang of it.(Advice is welcome!)

So now, I've been asked to write a proposal for a library tour. I'm going to have to think of lots of fun things to do. It's one thing for people to be coming to the Summer Reading Program for the program. It's a whole other thing for people to be coming to see me. Hopefully I can figure out a library tour that will be a monstrously good time for all and build on the confidence I've attained from my summer's worth of reading practice.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After waiting all day and thinking they weren't coming, they're here! I have my galleys for Bedtime Monster!

Our brave and trusty UPS man actually brought them to my house. It was our very first UPS delivery here. Usually we pick up our packages in town at the local mailing place. But the UPS man told me to just have stuff shipped to my house. They'll deliver anywhere, even on dirt roads with no street signs where their trucks scrape through the trees.

So, he braved the mud and delivered, and it was even after five when I seriously thought he had given up on finding me.

I was out walking the dog when the big brown truck popped up over the top of my driveway (it's really steep). I got to ride in the truck to my house. *Bonus* Ha ha. My son loved going into the UPS truck when he was about three. Every time we'd see it he'd go talk to the UPS man and get to go in and stomp around the back of the truck.

But I digress. My proofs are here!
I know I look serious:

But inside I feel like this:

(Yes, that's flower confetti.)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Make it a Classic

When you buy something do you hope it will last forever? I do. The new lawn mower. The expensive car. Even the shoes I love.

Not much stays as beautiful as it was when it was new. It wears out and breaks down. But a picture book, that's something different. If you can manage to write a classic it will be fresh and new to every generation that reads it. People will come back to it to read it to their kids and grandkids, give it as gifts, share it with friends.

Just write a classic. Is that too much to ask? Sure, but as writers it's something we strive for. No harm in aiming high.