Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Many Licks Does It Take...

Now that's puzzling. You know no one can ever wait and not bite the tootsie pop. I've tried. you've tried. WE'VE ALL TRIED OKAY!!! Here's what I really want to know, how many people does it take to deliver a box of books to a waiting author on a mountaintop?

UPS called and left a message (there's no phone service here) because their driver couldn't find my house. My husband got the message on the computer (that's where we get our phone messages. We can get internet but not phone. Weird, I know.) I walked up to our phone spot and called UPS. I told the lady who I was. She went and looked for the package. Another lady came on and asked me what I wanted so I told her, then she said she already knew the package wasn't there. WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO IN THE FIRST PLACE?!<--Okay, I didn't yell that or even say it, it just felt good to get that off my chest. Anyhow, she asks for directions to my house. I tell her I can't give her directions because it's too hard as there aren't any road signs and that she can just have the driver drop the package off at the library. I email my librarian. She emails me. The package arrives. She thinks about opening it because she's so excited but resists. My husband and kids pick up the package and deliver it to me. We open it. Yay!

I received my copies of Bedtime Monster two days after Bonnie Adamson did(she's the illustrator. You know that, right?) Everything seems to take longer and require more effort on a mountain. How many people did it take to get my copies of Bedtime Monster delivered? The world may never know, but it sure is exciting to finally have them!


  1. so...what are you saying? you LICKED YOUR BOOKS???

  2. Very cool, Heather. I can hear the monsters a comin'

    And in response to @lishacauthen comment above, which btw, made me laugh. I guess if you were to lick a book, it'd be good to lick a new one:-)

  3. LOL, Paul!

    Wow, Heather - you have to hike up a mountain and sit in the wide open to get cell phone reception? WOW.

    Congratulations on your book! I'm already looking forward to finding it on the bookstore shelves.

    Here's a question: if a book with an author's signature is more desirable than one without it, HOW MUCH BETTER WOULD A BOOK BE WITH AN AUTHOR'S ACTUAL SPIT ON IT? That's got to be the literary equivalent of a rock star's sweat-soaked shirt.

  4. You guys are HILARIOUS--or I spent too much time petting pigs at the fair today and the fumes got to me because I'm convinced there's going to be a run on licked books any day now.