Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wow, what a day!

I quickly scanned my email this morning and saw I had one from a friend, a friend whose name is similar an editor--or so I thought. In my early morning confused state of mind I had to read over the email three times before I realized this was an offer... to me... to publish my book, from an actual real-live editor!

My kids went crazy and ran around the house like wild monsters. I got cyber-congratulations from day traders across the country(my husband told his chat room pals). And I have been happy all day, even though I took four children to San Francisco to walk around and see the sights(bad idea).

Now for the stress(You'd think it wouldn't compare to trying to keep children from running into traffic or falling off a boat. Thankfully we're all home safe so that's over.) Anyway, it's under consideration at another house. I opted to call them and leave a message tonight since I'm a chicken, and I figure they'll need some time to look into it anyway. I told them I'd call back tomorrow. Yikes! I'm still shaking from the call I just made. I hope I sounded okay.

Then, I think I should call the agent I queried and give him a heads up, but maybe only if both houses are interested(what are the chances). I'm not sure on that one. If it's just the small house he likely wouldn't care I would think. I'll figure it out tomorrow. I just can't believe I have an actual offer. Now it would just be perfect if my writing pal got one from the same place.


  1. AWESOME NEWS! WHOOOOO! Is this from M.M., Heather? I'm so thrilled! Keep us posted. And don't forget the little people from your critique group when you become a well known author.


  2. I would never forget you guys! And no, it's not MM, they're the ones I have to call today.

  3. Awesome! We need some serious details.