Monday, April 2, 2007

On my way

My boys are home safe. Now I just need to get there. I am leaving tomorrow and driving home. Mapquest says it takes sixteen hours. That's without a two-year-old factored in. I'm hoping we'll make it in three days, maybe four. Should be an adventure.

Speaking of travel, I've been told Bedtime Monster will be traveling to Italy in June, looking to expand it's market. Who would've guessed my little story would travel so far.


  1. Italy! So cool!

    Be safe. Wanna borrow my duct tape for the two year old?

  2. Heather! Italy!! Hopefully you'll need to go there for some book signings...perhaps a long tour. I'm so excited for you. Yippee!

    Good luck w/ the drive. Ugh!

  3. Stop at those fast food restaurants with playgrounds. Not that we particularly like fast food, but the playgrounds kept us sane when we drove distances with our boys at that age, Heather. Be safe!

  4. When we did a 14 hour drive with our little guys we just traveled from one McDonald's to another, all day long (and yeah, we do the drive in one day). I'm sure our hearts loved us for it. LOL