Thursday, June 28, 2007

Erik Brooks

My tiny library was lucky enough to have author/illustrator Erik Brooks come and do a presentation last week. If you haven’t seen his work you can find him here and here.

He’s a really nice guy, even nice enough to let me do a last minute email interview with him so I could get an article in the newspaper announcing his visit. It was my first interview ever, so it was cool that it was with a children's book author/illustrator. And I was glad to do it by email, that way I didn't have to be nervous.

Seeing the way an illustrator goes about getting art ready for publication was interesting. His watercolor and pencil art is absolutely beautiful. Even his sketches were fabulous. I got to see an actual dummy. Yes, I know, it’s just paper with sketches and words on it, but I’m always curious to know what other writers submissions look like, probably because I always wonder if I’m doing things the right way.

It must be so amazingly great to be able to illustrate books. I would love to have such a talent. I'm glad there are people in this world that do.


  1. That's cool. I've always wanted to be able to illustrate.

    I may have to stick with stick people, though.

  2. Charming work! I'd love to learn illustration. It's a completely different approach to art -- much more about using the imagination I think.