Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beard Demographics

We went out last night to listen to some music and have dessert at our local library at a yearly fund raising series called Java Live. It's really nice, especially since there's not much art going on around here usually. No galleries, no music venues, no theater.

Java Live brings the locals together and makes us aware of the many different artists in our midst. This year local photographers were featured along with the painters. Every week featured two singers/bands. There's been pianists(the local doctor and his wife), folk singers, a trio doing harmonies, a fabulous opera singer, a one man band, and a sing along. In-between music acts there was belly dancing, poetry, and slideshows. Lots of nice people.

It's funny, as I was sitting there looking around I noticed that alot of men in the room had long beards. Not just unkept for a few days long, not ZZ Top long either(well maybe one or two), but somewhere in-between. I counted about eight in a room full of forty people(half women) before I was distracted. Seems like a high proportion to me. Is it just where we live? Is it mountain men who grow their beards long? But I know for a fact that some of these guys live in town. Is it winter? Could be. I'm sure that the last time I was in California I didn't see one long beard. I barely saw a beard at all. Not trendy I suppose. Things are different here.

I'm all for beards(on guys only of course). My husband looks really hot when he's sporting a beard. Sometimes I wish he'd grow one back. Sigh.


  1. Well, if this helps any ... I've got a 14 year old son who refuses to shave. He's got a nice bit of barely visible fuzzy fuzz on his chin and upper lip. But he's the only one I know.

    Brendan tried growing a mustache once and I told him I wouldn't ever kiss him again until he shaved it off.

    (It didn't help that he looked like a used car salesman.)

  2. What? You don't like the used car salesman look? ;-)