Saturday, April 12, 2008

Newspaper Surprise

I opened up the local paper today to see if they ran my library news article. They didn't. But, to my surprise, there I was sitting with my fellow authors at our booksigning the week before(It's a small weekly paper so week before stuff is newsworthyish). There wasn't even a reporter at the signing so I suppose my friend at the Corner Shelf is a good promoter. She took the pictures, called the reporter and gave her an interview. I think I could take a lesson here and stop writing all the library's promotional articles and just call the reporter. Of course, then things that are "happening" will have already happened by the time they get in the paper.

I was on the cover of the paper last week with my daughter at kite flying day. Here's a link just for fun.


  1. Hey, you have a new look for your blog. Cool! Looks like you were having fun with that kite.

  2. Hey Heather. Looks like fun!

    You might want to play around with your font sizes a bit ... JMO, but I think your dates, labels and comments should be a bit smaller and your titles should be bigger. I love the new colours, though. :D

  3. Hi. Glad I checked your blog. It was cool to see you on the front of the paper!

  4. Well, changing the theme of my blog all started when I noticed my title was messed up. It said:
    And that's just annoying. So I've been fiddling late at night instead of doing anything productive. And yes, this theme bugs me too. I'll go and mess with the fonts and see if I can make it any better. Thanks for the tip, L. I wish I could find the theme I first used. I like that one. I know it was green. Hmm. May have to go fiddling again.

    P.S. Hi Hil!!!