Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waiting is for Losers

Yup, you heard me. Waiting is for losers. That is my new motto. Why? Because I lost my building today because we were waiting around for things to happen; not moving fast enough on loans and business plans and all the stuff you have to do to purchase a commercial building. And now somebody else has bought my building and stolen my "plans".

As if that wasn't a lesson enough, I found a book today that I was going to write. No two books on the same subject are alike you say. True enough, but I don't know. This is a pretty narrow, contemporary subject. Not sure there's room for another book on it. I'll have to check the book out when it's released but I am doubtful.

Sure, I can make other plans and write other books. But the lesson I want to take away for today is to get to work! Waiting is for losers. One of these days I'd like to win.


  1. Oh! Twist the knife! One of my partners showed up the next morning at 7:30 and said, "I got the money!" Ouch.

  2. Frustrating, maybe their deal will fall through. If you really feel it's meant to be yours don't give up!