Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Things About Winter

I've been thinking about winter because, well, it's getting so darn long. Here are some of my random thoughts:

Snow ice cream is really good.
You can leave food in your parked car all day and it doesn't go bad.
Milk freezes well. Half and half doesn't. The barbeque makes a good freezer.
The cold isn't that bad if it's not windy.
Cross country skiing is really relaxing.
I like to chop wood, unless it's apple wood. Apple wood is really hard.
Pull-start snowmobiles are not a good idea, plus once I finally get the snowmobile started, driving it makes my thumb hurt. Husband: "Why do you use your thumb?" Me: "?"
You can drive your car on top of the snow if it is cold enough. It's not cold enough anymore.
Snow caves can keep kids busy all winter.
I don't mind not going anywhere for long periods of time.
Even though I hardly ever go anywhere I am still extremely busy. What's up with that?
Boys are not afraid to ride their bikes downhill in the snow because flipping over your handlebars isn't supposed to hurt.
Dogs that jump like bunny-rabbits through the snow are crazy.
A snowmobile without brakes is a motorized sled that goes really fast.

I know there's more. I'll add more when I think of them. I have to go cook dinner on the woodstove. We ran out of propane.

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