Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Badminton Season

Finally, the badminton season is off to a start around here. When I say badminton season I mean that we have put up the net in the yard and it's actually been wind-free enough to play.

I wait all year for badminton season to arrive. You see, badminton was the only sport I played in high school and is the only sport I was ever any good at. I'd never even played before my bff Tini forced me to join the team. Badminton--how dorky. Now softball, soccer and volleyball, those were the sports the cool girls played.

Fortunately, I was never really into cool. Okay, I wasn't that into it. Plus I couldn't stand waiting around to actually do something on the softball field, hated all the running that soccer required, and as far as hitting a volleyball over the net went, I sucked.(Hitting probably isn't even the right word!) Apparently badminton was the sport for me so I went with it. It was a lot of fun. It still is.

And now, badminton is the only sport I can beat my husband at. I mean, I love having a big strong man around to do all the heavy lifting but jeez, it's nice to be able to beat him at something sometime. He runs fast, he's a kick-butt tennis player, I can't even beat him in scrabble anymore now that he knows all the fancy two letter words. But with badminton I still have a shot at least. I was down on the season, two games to none, but I pulled out a win last night. He better watch out.

I think I'll add a scoreboard on the side of the blog for inspiration. I'm going to need all the help I can get.

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  1. Final score of the year:

    Me - 8

    The Man - 10

    Guess we'll have to call The Man the winner. Darn it, I really wanted to win, but it's snowy so the badminton net has to come down. :-(