Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things that take time...

Sometime last fall, my husband and I decided that we should start doing some farming, so we planted some garlic...

The garlic is growing well so far.

Then we got some alpacas. They are happy out in their pasture.

Next we decided we should keep some bees. We had to have them down in town for a while because it was so cold and snowy up here on the mountain for so long, but they're home now. It's nice to sit and listen to the buzz of the bees.

Then we got three lambs. They were so tiny they could ride in the back of the car.

We plowed up some field. The whole family got in on it. Don't worry, the tractor goes like two miles an hour.

We even managed to get a herd of goats--sorry, they wouldn't pose for me.

So now we've got wheat planted.

And oats.

The lambs are getting big....

So there is a lot going on around here while we wait for things to grow. (I didn't even get a photo of my garden!) But I'm patient--I'm a writer after all. Plus I have lots of new inspirations all around. I just need to wander outside and sit in the grass. I hope that you take the time to find some summer inspiration too. I'd love to hear about what you find!


  1. Love seeing what you're up to on the mountain, Heather. Fun pics. I especially like the lambs in the way back of your car-- very cute.

  2. Wow, have you two been busy! I'm impressed. What do you plan to do with the lambs and goats? Are you going to learn to spin wool? Sell honey? Sounds like fun.

  3. Those lambs are so cute.

    That land is beautiful. I've wondered what it would be like to live on a sprawling landscape (I'm used to apartment living).

  4. Oh my gosh Stella, I can't believe I haven't replied to you yet! We've actually gotten rid of a few goats. They're so destructive! We're milking one though, and making a lot of cheese. We'll get the sheep bred in the spring. They're all girls so they're a good start of a flock. If we can find a buyer we could definitely sell the wool. I'm no spinner! As for the bees, we're hoping to be able to harvest honey next year, if all goes well.

    Medeia, I've lived in apartments too. It seems so huge here, even after just coming out of a big city. I'm sure you could get used to it! ;-)

  5. Oh yes, lambs in the car = very cute, and only a little bit smelly.