Monday, January 23, 2012

A Quacky National Buy a Book About a Duck Day Reading

I love my ducks. Whenever I go outside they greet me with their jovial quacking. They sound like they're laughing. It makes me smile every time. Since it's National Buy a Book About a Duck Day I thought it would be a great way to celebrate by reading our ducks a book! We got Henry Goes West by Robert Quakenbush. (Ducks love books by Robert Quackenbush!) Here we are reading:

The ducks seemed to enjoy it and the sheep thought the book was quite tasty. My husband quacked up that I would go and read a book to a couple of ducks. But he knows that that's just the sort of wacky thing I like to do. So, what are your favorite duck books? Robert Quackenbush has been a favorite of mine ever since I discovered Henry's Important Date when I was a kid. Now my kids--and my ducks--love his books too.


  1. I love ducks to! :) They are the cutest animals ever! I've never had a duck myself, but I used to have a talking cockatiel called Percy haha!

  2. I didn't know there was such a day! How fun! I worked at a zoo for two summers and one of my favorite things to do was walk a pair of Call Ducks named Drake and Decoy. They were so excited to be running up and down the hallway of the educational center. I wish I still worked there. They probably would have loved to hear a story.

    I am now following you on Facebook! Congrats on your published books.

  3. Oh my gosh, talking cockatiels! We had a couple of those when I was a kid. So cute! But ducks seem to win, at least on the comedy factor. Eric, Mike Jung made up Buy a Book About a Duck Day last year(you can learn about it on the link). It's just for fun. Maybe next year you can find some ducks to read to! We could make it an annual part of the celebration! Ha!Thanks for the follows and all, nice to meet you both!<---Oh mys gosh look at all of those exclamation points. Talking about reading and ducks makes me excited!