Friday, April 13, 2012

Bedtime Monster is on Nook Kids!

I got an email this morning telling me that Bedtime Monster is available on the Nook! Not only does it come in Bilingual English/Spanish and English only versions, on the Nook it comes in a Spanish only version as well. That is a first! I love seeing the cover with the title just in Spanish. You can really see more of Paul's shadow that Bonnie Adamson created:

This is the kind of thing that makes it fun to get up and check my email in the morning. I don't have a Nook, but maybe someday I'll be able to see it on one. I have seen it on the ipad and that was pretty cool!


  1. I have a Nook and will check this out.

    Love picture books.

  2. Great news - congratulations! We have the Nook kids app on our iPad. Since my kids love the book so much, it will be nice to get the electronic version too.

  3. This is SO cool!! And maybe proof that Nooks, Kindles, etc. don't mean the end of books and writing after all. I think this is a very hopeful, exciting sign. Congratulations!! Bueno! :)