Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Patience, Grasshopper.

You know when you write a story and are really excited about it and you can't wait to finish it up so you can get it out into the world and see what happens? Well, that's me. A lot. But especially with the manuscript I've been working on lately. I want it to be done. NOW. But I know better.

I know that if I let my story sit I will come back with fresh eyes and be able to pick out things that don't work well enough. I know that if I wait I will come up with new and better plot twists, characterization, dialogue, and all that other stuff a manuscript needs to go the distance. I know that if I send my manuscript to my critique partner she will point out all sorts of things and make great suggestions on how to improve them. I know that if I just let my brain mull things over my story will get better. And it has.

Do I want to finish this manuscript and send it to my agent to see what she thinks? You bet. But I want to send her my work when it's at its best. I want it to be as ready as it can be. I want her to fall in love with it the way I love it. And to do that I must be patient. No matter how hard it is.

I'm getting close. At least in my opinion. But I'm trying to hold out a bit longer. One thing I found that has made the waiting easier? I'm working on perfecting the pitch. Maybe I'll go work on it some more now before I get too tempted to send the manuscript off.


  1. You have me interested. Good luck finishing it!

  2. I like to let things sit and rest and come back with fresh eyes. Sometimes an error or bad plotting you didn't notice before just pops off the page. Have patience grasshopper in this case the early bird doesn't get the worm :)

  3. Heather, that idea about perfecting the pitch is great. I have a hard time with pitches-- they seem flatter than my story, maybe because I'm trying too hard? I think it's a good way to check the story's structure and strengths-- and which parts are too weak. Hmm.

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  5. It's so hard to wait, especially when you're that close. At least you recognize that eagerness and can still keep it in check. It's so exciting to be excited about a story like that.

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  7. Oh boy. I figured out a way to make it easy to wait. Just make yourself way too busy with other things. The time flies!