Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some Picture Book Writing Tips

I've come across a few good sites with some helpful picture book writing tips as of late, so I wanted to pass them along. I know so many of you reading my blog are working hard on your picture book manuscripts!

Author Josh Funk has put together a Guide to Writing Picture Books that breaks the important parts of picture book writing into short, easy to digest posts. I know that a lot of you like to write in rhyme so be sure to check out Don't Write in Rhyme where Josh point out many of the common rhyming mistakes. You can also find loads of good rhyming tips at RhyPiBoMo like this one on multi-syllabic ending rhyming words by agent Sally Apokedac.

Mem Fox has so many great books. I happened upon her website and found that she has a whole bunch of hints for writers. She has 4 links in the sidebar on the page. Her hints are nice and straightforward. Love them!

I also really enjoyed DON'T DO IT! - how Not to write a picture book by Malachy Doyle on the Picture Book Den blog. Funny post title but true enough!

It can be good to take a break and refresh your picture book writing knowledge with posts like these and then dive back into writing. I myself am off to dive into picture book revisions again now.

When you think you are ready for new eyes on your manuscript check out my Critique Services. I love helping new and seasoned picture book writers and can always make time for a picture book critique!

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