Sunday, December 31, 2023

Unicorn and Yeti Fun and Games!

Hello! I seem to have taken a very long break from my blog here. It's my first blog post of 2023 and it's on the last day of the year! But I have not been taking a break from writing. There are now 8 books in the Unicorn and Yeti series! Fun and Games was released on December 26th. 

In Fun and Games, Yeti teaches Unicorn how to do a better job at hiding when they play hide and seek because, of course, Yetis are extremely great at hiding. They figure out how to play their favorite games together. Unicorn's favorite is a fancy game while Yeti, like my husband, simply needs a deck of cards. No poker for these two though! In the third story Unicorn and Yeti put a puzzle together. It isn't easy! 

I'm always amazed at what I learn when I am writing about these two characters. Apparently, I am quite hard on myself. I mean, I know that, but the simplicity of writing about two characters and the different way they put together a puzzle really illustrated it. I learned that some people actually do look at the puzzle picture when putting a puzzle together. Shocking! I do not. Why do I make it so hard? It's not like there's a rule. Nope, I just like to make things harder.

But it's not hard to get the new Unicorn and Yeti book, or any of the books in the series. They're available from your favorite retailer. And I'm going to try to take it easy on myself in 2024. Maybe I'll even blog a bit. 😎

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