Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not Feeling It

I haven't felt like posting lately. Maybe it's because I was gearing up for promotion of my book and now I get an extra year. Maybe it's because I was trying to do nano and found that it wasn't my style. Or maybe it's because I have been waiting on a requested rewrite. I don't know.
I did write a new story yesterday. It's about a mouse and a seed. Sounds original, eh?


  1. Those are all enough reasons to make you not feel like blogging.

    I predict that your waiting will be over before December starts.

    (You can come kick my butt when when I'm wrong. Then we can go for coffee and laugh about it.)

  2. I foresee good news. Think happy thoughts!! My husband skied a trail in Colorado called Happy Thoughts. He saw the sign just he entered the point of no return and realized it was basically an extremely steep, narrow chute where he had to negotiate rocks and stuff. sometimes you have to enter no man's land for a while before you find paradise.

  3. Oh, Stella, how true!

    December is getting pretty close, Linda!

  4. And, Linda, I guess I have to kick your butt. Put on the coffee.