Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Writing year in review

After all my whining I thought I should post something positive, and I realized, without even looking at my stats (which I actually got organized this year--major accomplishment in itself), I can definitely say 2007 was my best writing year ever. I sold my first picture book. My chapter book was released. I went to my first writing conference. I sent out more submissions out than ever before, which wasn't a tremendous amount but still it's an accomplishment nonetheless.

And I really learned alot this year about what happens when your book comes out and when you sell a book although I'm sure I've hardly scratched the surface on these sorts of things. Anyhow, I feel like I've made good steps toward becoming a children's book author.

Here's the skinny(if you're interested in stuff like that):

Sent manuscripts to 5 agents. Received 2 personals and got a request that I am still waiting to hear on. Oh the suspense!

Sent 11 subs to houses. Got 4 personals and have a manuscript on an exclusive which I have to wait until around March to hear the verdict on. More suspense!

I suppose this year I should shoot for doing more than I did last year; really try to get my stuff out there. And I am making a new commitment to my middle grade novel. I'd like to see that finished. These sound like goals to me. I'm a little late to post them, but I've been known to dilly-dally when there isn't a deadline dangling in front of me. I'd like to say I won't procrastinate in the new year, but I think I'll put that one off for a while.

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  1. Not exactly sure why this posted at an earlier date than my Random Reasons post. I actually posted it after. I guess because I started it on the second as my new year's post and put off finishing it until later. Silly blogger not letting my posts procrastinate.