Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art at the Library

For our last week of the Summer Reading Program at the library, I put a display of books with an artistic theme in the children's section. I absolutely love so many of these books. I noticed that the majority of picture books about art (at least the one's I found at my library) are by author/illustrators. Interesting! Here's some of what I found on the shelves:

A IS FOR ARTIST: A Getty Museum Alphabet by John Harris. This high class alphabet book is illustrated with details taken from the collection of paintings in the J. Paul Getty Museum.

THE ROOM OF WONDERS, written and illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier in which a pack rat loves to share his collection, but no one appreciates his most treasured item. A very sweet story.

LOOK, LOOK, LOOK written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace with Linda K. Friedlaendar and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. Three mice learn about art from a postcard of a painting. All of Nancy's books are beautiful.

COLOR DANCE by Ann Jonas. Dancers show how to combine colors as they dance with colored scarves.

HALIBUT JACKSON written and illustrated by David Lucas. Halibut Jackson is so shy that he makes outfits that will blend into the background wherever he goes, but, Oops! He makes a mistake--and gets noticed. A very fun book!

THE DOT by Peter H. Reynolds. Vashti thinks she can't draw, but her teacher inspires her to think differently. A wonderful story that I highly recommend.

MOUSE PAINT by Ellen Stoll Walsh. A very cute book about three mice and some paint.

THE BLACK BOOK OF COLORS by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria. A book with an interesting concept, using words and the feeling of raised black pictures on black pages, to create the color in our minds instead of on paper.

WHEN PIGASSO MET MOOTISSE by Nina Laden. A story about two talented artists with strong styles and personalities who, after an art battle, manage to be friends despite their differences. This one is a family favorite.

What artistic themed picture books do you like? I'd love to read more.


  1. Thank you for sharing great books - as well as mine - with the world. Keep making your mark, Peter

  2. Looks like you have some great titles there, Heather. I have The Dot in my library but none of the others. I'm taking notes.

  3. Thanks, Peter, I'm always glad to share wonderful books--yours definitely included.

    I'm happy you found some new titles to try, Stella. How exciting!

  4. Art by Patrick McDonnell. You'll love it!

  5. Putting these on my reading list immediately...with Halibut Jackson and Pigasso & Mootisse at the top!

  6. Thank you for including my "The Room of Wonders" in your list!
    Are you familiar with "Morris the Artist"? Written by Lore Segal and beautifully illustrated by Boris Kulikov.


  7. I'm glad you found some new books to read, Tara.

    I will definitely find ART, Corey, as well as MORRIS THE ARTIST, Sergio. THE ROOM OF WONDERS is such a sweet story. I recently discovered AMANDINA too, which I'm keeping in mind for future lists, although I'm sure it could go on this one too.