Saturday, August 15, 2009


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If you are planning on camping and you pass a wind farm, drive away, drive very far away.

This wind farm is on the southern border of Washington state. There are hundreds of wind turbines there. They are huge! See that itty bitty crane in the picture? No, it is not a toy. We passed a few truckloads of wind turbine parts on the highway. They were over-sized loads. One propeller blade took up one extra long semi-truck bed. The sheer enormity of the things is mind boggling. The people who work with these humongous pieces of metal must be extremely brave.

Obviously, this is a very windy place. It's right off the Columbia River. We drove a long way after we saw this wind farm before we stopped to camp. Apparently we did not drive far enough. The wind blew all night long. Good for the capturing of electricity. Bad for the people in the tent. Still, amazing to see.


  1. I remember that wind farm from my trip down the west coast many moons ago. Stopped at rest stop across the road. Opened the car door and my hat flew away. And not a lightweight hat with lots of brim all around for loft. A baseball hat. Chased it across the parking lot. And the big heavy washroom door on those hinges that are always supposed to always close...couldn't close. The wind held it open. Yup, windiest place I've every been.

  2. That is definitely the place! I was afraid the tent was going to blow away with is in it. We made sure we didn't have to stop and camp there again.