Saturday, September 12, 2009


You know how when you're a kid you always, at some point, want to be a juggler. Of course, I wanted to be other things, but juggling is so cool. At least it looks like it is when done well. Who doesn't want to throw numerous things up in the air and have them land and take flight at a neat, organized pace.

Man juggling his life

And who knew when I grew up I'd actually be a juggler? I didn't, because I still can't throw things up in the air and keep them going round and round in a high-flying show of gravity defiance. No, I do not juggle bean bags, bowling pins or chairs. I juggle--writing. Ta da!

Right now I am revising a story collection and a non-fiction series, I have a few new manuscripts to type up (yup, I'm old school. I dig the pen and paper), I'm researching and querying agents and thinking about doing the same with publishers, plus a friend and I really want to write a book together if we can swing it (she just found out she's pregnant though, so we'll see), plus my husband wants to start up the screenplay again as soon as the weather cools, which is soon. I will not even begin to talk about the stinkin' reality show proposal we wrote and should be doing submission research on. Then there's keeping up with the critiquing, twitter, facebook, jacketflap, linkedin, Verla Kay's chatroom, and such. I am supposed to be creating a new website. Hopefully I will get to that someday.

Oh, and this blog! So okay, I'm not the best juggler. Neat and organized I am not. I drop things a lot. I don't get them done in the time frame I always want. But, when the papers or the plans go flying, I just pick them up and keep on juggling. I bet you do too.


  1. Love it, Heather! I totally hear you about juggling the writing! My fave new writing "cave": the hallway corner outside MonkeyKid's dance class. (Staff and students have just learned to step over me--most of the time, anyway. Those tap shoes HURT!) But wherever, whenever, HOWEVER, it's all right as long as you write. Right? ;)


  2. Ugh, yes, thankfully I'm not juggling flaming sticks because I would have set myself on fire by now. It isn't easy to find that perfect balance.

  3. Amy, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who writes tucked in crazy places like that! If we all had to juggle flaming sticks we'd definitely be in trouble.