Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

For my picture book display at the library this week, I tried to go with a Labor Day theme. It proved to be a little difficult, but I managed to come up with a fun display. After all, there are lots of different kinds of workers in any given place. My people in the neighborhood list includes firefighters, postal workers, a garbage man, store clerks, a librarian, bakers, musicians, a principal, a Zamboni driver, and of course, a mad scientist. Here’s what I found:

TRASHY TOWN written by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clamesha, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino. This is a classic story about the trash man with a great rhythm plus it encourages child participation, which is always fun. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?

FIREFIGHTERS TO THE RESCUE by Kersten Hamilton and Rich Davis. A firefighter story. Kids love em.

PENGUIN POST by Debi Glori, about a little penguin who has to take over delivering the mail for his penguin parents—and ends up delivering himself a surprise.

BEBE GOES SHOPPING written by Susan Middletown Elya, illustrated by Steven Salerno. I know, I’m pushing it with this one, but there is a grocery store clerk in it, and he’s very nice.

NOTHING by John Agee. This story has a funny concept that challenges our way of thinking. Buying nothing? Absurd!

THE LIBRARY DRAGON by Carmen Agra Deedy. Hey, every librarian’s got to be a little bit of a dragon sometime, except for me, of course.

HAZEL NUTT: MAD SCIENTIST written by David Elliot and illustrated by True Kelley. Every town has a mad scientist, doesn’t it?

SUN BREAD by Elisa Kleven. Elisa’s books are always beautiful. And there’s a baker in this story that brings the whole town together.

MY FAMILY PLAYS MUSIC by Judy Cox, illustrated by Elbrite Brown. Where would we be without musicians?

SAM THE ZAMBONI MAN written by James Stevenson, illustrated by Harvey Stevenson. The Zamboni man is especially important around here. Lots of hockey lovers.

MR. TANNEN’S TIE TROUBLE by Maryann Cocca-Leffler. Mr. Tannen is one tie loving principal. I wish he would have been my principal when I was in school. He’s awesome.

I wanted to include police officers(Like OFFICER BUCKLE AND GLORIA by Peggy Rathman), doctors, dentists, truck drivers, teachers, the list could go on and on. Any favorites out there I should keep in mind for my next people in the neighborhood display?

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