Sunday, June 2, 2013

Monster List of Picture Book Agents - Carly Watters, P.S. Literary Agency

Update 10/7/2015: Carly Watters is not looking to represent picture books at this time. Please check her "Who We Are" listing on the P.S. Literary website for the latest in what she is looking for.

Carly Watters is a literary agent at P.S. Literary Agency. She's quite active online and you can learn a lot about her to help you decide whether or not she might be the right agent for you.

Carly's website, is a great place to start. She has a blog, a list of clients, and a What I'm Looking For page where she lists, "High Concept Picture Books." From looking at Carly's sales page it looks like she has one picture book sale, ELLA AND THE BALLOONS IN THE SKY, written by Danny Appleby and Illustrated by Lauren Pirie, both of whom are clients. Carly's post on picture books on her blog goes into a bit more detail about what she's interested in when it comes to picture books.

There's an informative November 2012 interview with Carly at Mother. Write. (Repeat.) There's an interesting tidbit or two at Literary Rejections about Ms. Watters' career and she has done a lengthy interview there as well. Missouri Writers' Guild has a January 2013 interview.

At the P.S. Literary website, you will find Carly's Bio on the About Us page. specific submission guidelines along with some specific query letter instructions and approximate response time. Their FAQ's may be of interest as well. You might also want to read Carly's post on pitching your book.

Carly Watters is quite active on Twitter. You can find her at @carlywatters. She is also on Linkedin and Instagram.

This post is part of the Monster List of Picture Book Agents. If you have any changes that you think should be made to this listing, please contact me or leave them in the comments. Thanks!

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