Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Monster List of Picture Book Agents - Carrie Hannigan of HSG Agency

Carrie Hannigan of HSG Agency
Today's Monster List of Picture Books Agents feature is on agent Carrie Hannigan of HSG Agency (Hannigan, Salky, Getzler Agency). You won't find a bunch of interviews with Carrie online or much social media. But that doesn't mean she's not an agent to consider by any means!

According to Carrie's bio on the agency website she worked with esteemed agent Timothy Seldes of Russell & Volkening for 14 years before moving on to form HSG agency. HSG Agency opened in 2011. Carrie has many successful clients.

Be sure to read Carrie's full bio on the agency website.

While you will mostly have to rely on the HSG Agency website, there are a few other places online where you can learn about Carrie and her agency:

Hannigan, Salky, Getzler Agency has a Facebook page where they post about client releases and more.

Read Carrie's Publisher's Marketplace page to learn about the genres she represents, clients, forthcoming books, and more.

You can get a feel for Carrie's response times by reading the comments and response times reports on her Querytracker listing.

Carrie's picture book author clients include Erica S. Pearl

and Ann McCallum 

Carrie has some amazing clients. She represents author/illustrators as well. Be sure to check out the HSG Agency Clients page.

If you think your work might be a fit for Carrie Hannigan, read over the HSG Agency Submission Guidelines for details on how to submit your work. They ask for electronic submissions only. Yay!

*Please do note that Carrie is not looking for picture books written in rhyme.

This post is part of the Monster List of Picture Book Agents. If you have an additions or changes you think should be made to this listing please contact me or leave them in the comments. Thanks!

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