Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Toast to Winter

Today is the first day of winter. At least it's the first day of my winter. It's been snowing and blowing since last night. Here we go...

Sliding down the driveway in the car, wheee! Walking miles when the snow gets too thick to drive through, yay! Freezing my butt I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a long, thick sweater, and Uggs(pants too of course); and that's in the house.

So here's a toast to winter. Fill up your eggnog and raise a glass. Hey, I see you over there! No spiking, we've got at least five months to go.

Winter, you are beautiful, fun, and we love you, but why do you have to be so hard?


  1. I must have jinxed you by asking whether you were staying up on the mountain this 'winter'.

    You gotta watch what you say. The universe doesn't miss a trick.

  2. Wow, snow already! It was 67 degrees here today - very warm for this time of year. Hope you stay warm up there!

  3. ... and so frigging long!! Why does it have to be sooooo long?

    We had our first snow this week, too. Thankfully around here it never lasts too long.

  4. K, that made no sense. The winter lasts an eternity. It's the snow that never sticks around for too long.

    Never mind. The cold has already gone to my brain.

  5. I would like to leave a comment but I'm afraid the universe may be eavesdropping.