Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Hand

Some things that are hard to do with one hand:

type - this is the most important one! Who cares about the rest, really.
cook - but I got someone else to do it. Score!
laundry - it sucked, but it had to be done.
drive - good thing there was absolutely zero traffic all the way to town.
snowmobile - you drive with your hands on the handlebars. I walked instead.
carry two cups of coffee - two trips!
put gloves on - had to use my teeth.
zip & button - kinda self explanatory huh?
stoking the fire - logs are heavy!

Oh who am I kidding? Pretty much everything is harder. But, there are definitely worse things in the world. Still, I'll be really happy when my typing gets back to normal! Guess I have extra time for research.

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