Monday, January 18, 2010


I used to have a teacher that loved to point out the irony in the novels we were reading. He'd say it extra loud, with emphasis, "I-RONICALLY". I think he was well aware how irony plays a part not only in novels but in our lives.

Case in point. I have been telling the kids over and over again, "do not use the skim boards to sled on. You will get hurt."

So, dad is outside with the kids. They are sledding. On the skim boards. It's icy so they're working really good, just sliding on and on. I come out and say something about it being dangerous but am quickly distracted by the sliding good time.

My little one wanted to go up the hill but he didn't want to go by himself. Dad was too heavy, he broke through the ice when he tried to sled, so I went up the hill to sled down with my little guy. He went down. It was great. He went fast and laughed all the way. I went after him. For some stupid reason I went on my knees, probably because I wasn't sure how the heck to sled on something where there was no where to hold on. I didn't get very far.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I managed some crazy maneuver where I ran into my own arm. My husband said I wasn't even going that fast, but I say no way, I was just starting to jam. My arm put an abrupt stop to it. Board to mid-arm. It was gonna be an awesome ride too.

So, I-RONICALLY, I got hurt by doing the thing I kept telling everyone not to do. I'm typing this post one handed. Guess what? My kids all know what the word ironic means now.


  1. Thanks! Got an x-ray today. It's not broken, just a badly bruised ligament. I was told to lay off the typing. Eep! I told my crit partner. She said, "did he know who he was talking to?" Ha! Obviously not.