Monday, February 15, 2010


Since I've never subbed a novel before I haven't had to write a synopsis. With my YA making it's way into the home stretch I decided that I'm going to apply for the SCBWI work in progress grant this year. They want a 750 word synopsis along with around the 2500 first words of the novel. Knowing what my story is about I figured writing the synopsis would be easy. Silly me.

I started last night and so far I've written four pages of synopsis type stuff also known as drivel. I know the characters, the emotions, the theme, the plot twists, even the ending for crying out loud. Somehow I can't find the perfect words I want to use to describe this story.

Maybe I'm being too picky. I've read some good synopsis. Synopsi? Synopsises?--even spelling it is hard. Maybe it's a sign. Anyway, I know I just need to tell it straightforward. The beginning, middle, and end. I know, this is oversimplifying it, but really, that's what I need. I'd talk more about it but I think I'll go work on this thing some more instead. I'm starting to feel a little silly walking around everywhere I go with this huge stack of papers writing things down and making no progress. Okay, not really. I do that all the time. I just really want to get it done!

Any of you applying for an SCBWI grant?


  1. Good luck with the grant application!!

    I think it took me about a week to write my synopsis, but during the first few days I was thinking that it might end up taking longer than it took to write the novel. Luckliy, I was wrong or I'd still be working on the synopsis now.