Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here come the big,mean dust bunny! by Jan Thomas

I never would have guessed that one of my favorite bedtime reads would be about dust bunnies. They're cute, they're funny, and they rhyme all the time--except for Bob, he has a little trouble with that. The four sweet little dust bunnies put up with the big, mean dust bunny's bullying until they finally find a way to win him over.

The sparsely worded story packs in plenty of kid-friendly humor, but what makes this book extra special is the illustrations. Jan Thomas' use of the page along with the bold colors makes you feel like you're right there with the characters(especially when you're cuddled with your little one holding the book up close). The varied sizes of the text made my little guy excited about the different words and got him actually wanting to try to read them. No small feat for a kid that has an aversion to anything he suspects to be learning.

If you're looking for a fun bedtime or storytime read for the very young this is a book you should check out.

Here comes the big, mean dust bunny! is written and illustrated by Jan Thomas.


  1. I love the Dust Bunny books; so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE the dust bunnies, especially Bob. Thanks for the heads up on the latest....!