Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ski Trip

Since it's winter I've been doing alot of cross country skiing around the mountain and I thought I'd give you a little ski tour:
So, I ski off from the house. You can just make out the roof there by the top left corner. My dog likes to come with me.

Then I come to the crossing. You may notice that there aren't any plowed roads here. (My car is actually parked a mile from my house.) This is where the snowmobiles, horses, skiiers, and walkers cross.

I like to ski over to the pond. It's under that snow somewhere.
I usually hit the valley from the top of the hill past the pond. It's a good ski down.

I like to ski through the trees. There's a slight slope and it's pretty.
When I come home it's a nice view from the kitchen window while I drink hot cocoa and write.


  1. Thanks Hans! It was fun taking pictures while I was out skiing. It helped that it was a nice enough day that my hands didn't freeze every time I took my gloves off!

  2. Wow, so beautiful Heather! I downhill ski but have never done cross-country. How many months of the year do you have snow? I'd have to go to a park or a a golf course to find a place to cross-country ski.

  3. Oh my gosh, Heather! Thank you for sharing. I swear I just about teared up (okay I did)...with envy (is that possible?). Anyhow, gorgeous! The hubby and I are hauling the trailer out to the mountains in the next couple of weeks-and I'm going to trying my first ever snow shoes. I need to take pics!

  4. Those are beautiful pics. I'd like to ski someday.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Stella, we have snow around six months out of the year. It's not always good for skiing though.

    Aw, tears Deb? How sweet. You should definitely take some pics of your snowshoeing adventure. I want to see!

    You should definitely try skiing Medeia. I think that cross-country is easier than downhill, but they're both fun.

  6. I thought you said you didn't have any trees up on your place. I see lots of trees. I envisioned this "rock" with sagebrush all over the place.

    Oh . . . a few months and counting . . . and we will be over there permanently!


  7. That's funny Susan! I'm certain I was just talking about my property. We do have lots of aspen trees, but only three small fir trees on the land we own. I guess I don't count the ones that I know I can't protect from being cut down.

    I'm exctited that you're moving over! Yay! Then there will be TWO kidlit writers here!